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Puppy Lessons

  • 30 min
  • $150 per lesson
  • Integrity Canine

Service Description

HAVING A NEW PUPPY CAN BE SO REWARDING AND VERY DIFFICULT AT THE SAME TIME. ALTHOUGH PUPPIES HAVE TROUBLE WITH SELF CONTROL THEY DEFINITELY CAN START TO LEARN AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM HOME. Puppy Lessons are designed for puppies under the age of 5 months. They are one on one lessons to teach the puppy and the owner basic imprinting of obedience and then for the owner to go home and work on the lesson. These are usually 30-45 min each lesson. Cost of puppy lessons are 5 lessons for $150. We do on occasion keep puppies to begin crate training and get a jump start on their obedience . The cost of this is $400 a week.

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